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Common vacuum cleaner problems (how to fix them)

Given the heavy tasks we put a vacuum cleaner  through, they are prone to occasional breakdown. Fortunately, there are common problems with vacuum cleaners that are easy to fix. Some of these problems include:

Problem #1: Vacuum cleaner lacks suction

If your vacuum cleaner isn’t sucking up dirt properly, the first thing you need to do if you have a bagged model is to check whether the bag is full. A full dust canister also affects the suction of your vacuum cleaner. Dirty filters also cause a loss of suction. The suction of your vacuum may not be as strong if the filters are clogged. If the filter is washable, then use water to clean it. Paper model filters like a HEPA filter requires replacement. Check the hoses for clogs if the problem persists.

Problem #2: Vacuum cleaner brush is not spinning

The most common cause of this may be overstretched or broken belts. Inspect the vacuum’s belt to see whether it is misaligned, broken or stretched out. Consider replacing it to resolve the problem. You’ll also need to inspect both the drive belt and the clogged belt to make sure they are not broken or stretched out.

Problem #3: Vacuum cleaner belt has broken

Solid particles trapped in the brush roll’s bearings restrict its movement. This, in turn, increases friction on the cleaner belt causing it to break. To resolve this, dismantle the brush roll and clean it.

Problem #4: Vacuum cleaner motor is not working

If the vacuum cleaner motor is not working, first you need to check if the switch is defective. Use an Ohm meter to ensure that the switch is supplying power to the vacuum cleaner. If your cleaner still appears dead, then the worst case would be a failure in the drive motor. This problem may be due to overheating. Disconnect the machine and turn the motor shaft to check for blockages. If it turns without difficulty but refuses to engage, consider replacing it.

Problem #5: Vacuum cleaner is noisy and vibrates

Vacuum cleaners are generally noisy machines. However, if you notice your machine is making an unusually loud noise, then you need to find the source of the noise. Shut the machine and check whether a large object in the hose causes the noise. You can also inspect brush attachments because broken bearings will also cause a loud noise. An unusual loud noise can also be because dirt has entered the motor area so be sure to check it out and make the necessary repairs.


Important features to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners vary when it comes to design, shape, and color. What matters is their overall performance. You don’t want to take home a sleek model that attracts your eyes only to notice that it does not meet your cleaning needs. Important features to look out for include:

Useful attachments

Most Vacuum cleaners on the market have essential tools to improve performance. These tools include an upholstery brush, round dusting brush and a narrow tool for crevices.

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Bare-floor features
These are features that help when you want to clean hard floors or uncarpeted surfaces. The most common feature is the on/off switch. You can also find a model with the bare-floor setting. If you handle hardwood or uncarpeted floor surfaces, this is a must-have feature to look for.

Most Vacuum cleaners claim to filter even the finest particles. Micron filters are a great option but if you can settle for a model with HEPA filter, go for it. HEPA filtration is very effective at reducing emissions and is perfect for people with asthma. 

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